Why dSMS?

Problems you face

As a school or learning institute, you would have faced multiple problems. Have you 

  • ever wondered how much time and money it needs to run day to day activates of your institute? 
  • ever wondered how much time and energy it takes to keep records of your institutions? 
  • felt frustration of your faculty spending large amount of time on creating and keeping mandatory records instead of focusing on teaching activities? 
  • noticed how hard it is to get current snapshot of status of fee deposit (or any other data)? 
  • struggled to compile operational data from and notice how much time it takes? 
  • ever wondered what happens if you lose all your school records in fire or a computer crash?  

Resolve with dSMS

All these and many other questions, issues, and pain points are common in day to day management of the institute. dSMS aims at alleviating all these pain point and provide competitive advantage to your institute by making management efficient, reliable, and confusion free.  

dSMS will help your institute to innovate, transform, and lead. Idée dSMS will empower you with the confidence leading to efficient management and effective decision making. You will have all the information at your fingertips whenever you needed. Let’s dive into some of the most impactful advantages you will have. 

dSMS Mission

Our mission is to provide easy to use, secure, and comprehensive Student Management System at lowest price. Our mission sums it all – what we want to do and what we want to be. 

Customer Testimonial

“Gurukul has subscribed to digital Student Management Service (dSMS) in July 2017 for its Gurukul Public School and Gurukul Mahavidyalaya (Degree College). dSMS has simplified fee and invoice workflow by reducing fee processing time significantly, virtually eliminating errors, and making all fee status information just a few clicks away.  

Best of all, dSMS works on all devices and from anywhere eliminating constraints of being in office to get the work done. All our information is digital and can be retrieved any minute; we do not have to go through loads of registers and papers anymore. The deployment of the services was fast and hassle-free; we did not need to buy any servers and did not need to hire any IT person at school. We just provisioned the users and were ready to go. dSMS has provided excellent service to us and we willingly recommend dSMS to other schools and colleges. “ 

                                     - Pooja Mishra, Vice Chairman, Gurukul Group of Institutions, Raebareli

"Adarsh Bal Niketan (ABN) school has proudly switched to digital Student Management System (dSMS) in July 2017. With digital management, we have gained excellent efficiencies in our workflows and processes saving time and effectively utilize our resources. Increasingly, our day to day school activities are digitally managed. We are thankful for our solution partner ID4 Consultancy and their dSMS platform that transformed our school into a digital school. dSMS is an awesome product with a very simple workflow that does not require any IT infrastructure at school end and works on all devices. We are very happy with the dSMS solution and services provided by ID4 and wholeheartedly recommend them to other institutions."

                                                                   - Sundar Daniel, Manager, ABN (IIT Campus, Roorkee)